Scania and Trailer decals

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For this combination we made the decals for the Scania 770 S and for the trailer.

Scania decals

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This Scania Truck has multiple decals installed that we supplied.
The thin line on the cab, the Stripe on the side, Danish hooks on the roof, lines on the grill, striping on the bumper, reflective lines on the side fenders.

Trio Trans

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For the 1/14 Trio Trans Scania we made the curtains and the Schmitz Cargo Bull reflective stripe for the side of the trailer. (This reflective stripe was made with aproval and is not a standard item we carry).

On top the 1/14 Curtains.
Below the picture of the real curtains.

Interior Parts for Tamiya Scania

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This Scania has our following items installed:
Dashboard with Lighting
Rear Wall T580 with Lighting
Front Curtain T580
Folded Side Curtains
We also painted these seats that were supplied by the customer. We added the beige Alcantara look for more realism on the seat.

Tamiya Scania Platinum Pack Black and Yellow

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Custom Full Interior Platinum Pack for Tamiya Scania

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This is a full interior Pack
Made in Camel with Brown

Custom interior parts for Tamiya Scania

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Front curtain

Paintjob and stickers for Tamiya Scania Longline

Custom Hyper Realistic Scania Dashboards and Seats

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Custom Dashboard and Seats with Lighting for Scania

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