van Leeuwen Reclame was started on the 6th of august 1999 by Sander van Leeuwen.
Since the start specialised in applying selfadhesive vinyl.

The company started at the kitchen table while i was still on school, the Grafic School in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
I finished school in 2000 and got my graphic designer diploma. After this the company grew to what it is today.

In 2003 we moved to a business facility at the Distributieweg in Delfgauw. In 2012 i bought a house with room to work from home, i now run my business from the Dennenstraat 13 in Ridderkerk The Netherlands.

Van Leeuwen Reclame is not striving for the lowest prices, but we focus more on making graphics that last and after a while still looks like as if it was just installed, and still represents your brand in a positive way.
In 2016 we also started with the scale modelling, specialising in stickers and self made parts for scale 1/14 RC Trucks.

In this picture you see the first assignment i got, making the design for this Scania.The company does not exist anymore.This Truck won the first price at the Truckstar Festival in Assen, Category Box trucks.