werkverkeer - Reflective Decal with Realistic diamond pattern 1/14 Scale RC

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Our reflective "werkverkeer" decal has the diamond pattern in correct scale, just like the real one.

Choose from different sizes. If you want a different size than the standard dimensions just let us know, we can make any size you want.

CONVOI EXCEPTIONNEL - Reflective Sign for 1/14 RC Truck

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Trailer Metal Poles with Reflective Red and White marking in scale 1/14

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reflective pole red and white for tamiya carson trailer www_svlreclame_nl
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Set of 2 trailer poles.
Custom built on order.
Select length to see the price.

Enter length of the poles (A).

Enter the length in mm from point 1 (your trailer chassis) to point 2 (front end of the reflective poles). 
Note: this length is the length of the pole that is vertical in the picture and width of the pole that is horizontal in the picture combined.

One NL Licence Plate Decal for Tamiya Trailer 1/14, made of 3M reflective Vinyl

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One Decal for the trailer

Triangle Reflective marking decals - set of 2 in scale 1/14 for use with Tamiya, Wedico or Bruder RC Trailers

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triangle reflective driehoek reflecterend trailer truck marking markering rood www_svlreclame_nl
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Made of 3M reflective vinyl.
Has Chrome printed screws for a very realistic look.
Select the size you want, 10 mm or 13 mm high. Need other size? contact us.
D) Hergestellt aus 3M reflektierendem Vinyl.Hat Chrome gedruckte Schrauben für ein sehr realistisches Aussehen.Wählen Sie die gewünschte Größe, 10 mm oder 13 mm hoch. Brauchen Sie eine andere Größe? kontaktiere uns.

Square red/white reflective decals for 1/14 Tamiya Trailer - set of 2 - Cargo sticking out - In Stock (ships in 2 working days if not combined with items with longer build time in webshop).

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square chevron red white truck trailer marking 1 14 scale tamiya wedico bruder www_svlreclame_nl
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made of 3M reflective vinyl
One set contains one left and one right decal.

These chevron markings are used when a cargo is sticking out in the front, more than 10 cm in widht, or more than one metre on the rear.