Custom Paint Service

We can paint your 1/14 RC Truck in any colour. It is also possible to have a striping or 2 tone on your truck. Ask us for a quote.

If you want us to paint your truck all parts must be unpainted and all parts must be disassembled.
The reason we want the parts to be unpainted is because we don't want to run into unexpected problems someone else created. The parts are very difficult to prepare if there is allready paint on it.

 If you mail us for a quote include the following:

- If you want to have us paint a truck according to a real truck that has company logo's on it, first contact the owner of the logo to ask for written permission to have the logo's reproduced. Without written permission we are not able to do the paint job with logo's.

- model of the truck

- are there any accessories that need to be painted

- pictures of the truck

- the desired colour you want on the truck

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