Is my order finished yet?
Click here to check the ORDERS READY page.

My order is older than the date on the ORDERS READY page but i did not get my items or a notification of items ready.
Answer: If your order is older than the date showing on the ORDERS READY page you can send us an email and we will check your order to see if anything went wrong. We always send a notification when your items are finished and ready for shipping.

Will i be notified if my items are finished?
Answer: You will get an email notification when all the items are finished and get shipped. Until then we do NOT send any other info of how far we are with processing all the items.

I ordered multiple items, do i get an update if one or more items on my order list are finished?
Answer: No, you only get a message if all the items are finished. Due to the amount of orders we receive it is impossible to send an update every time we have finished items on your order list.

I have placed an order but I did not receive a notification, what happened?
Answer A: You have spelled your e-mail incorrect, send us an e-mail if this happened, and we will provide you the e-mail manually.
Answer B: Check your spam box for the notification e-mail.