Set of 2 Interior Map Lights in scale 1/14 with working led

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  • Description
Works with 7 to 12 volt
Size: +/- 32 mm high

Working Light

This 1/14 Scale Map Light has a working LED.

Folded Curtains with flap "OLDSKOOL" for Tamiya 1/14 RC Truck

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gevouwen gordijn folded curtain for tamiya rc truck vorhange gardinen intercooler www_svlreclame_nl_20200617145636
  • Description

OLDSKOOL text is printed on both sides of the flap.

Shown base curtain colour is taupe, contrast line brown, flap colour beige, text brown

Set of 3 - NO SMOKING decals in scale 1/14

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  • Description

diameter: 3,5 mm

this set contains 3 decals

Suede Side Curtain for 1/14 Tamiya Truck or 1/16 Bruder Truck

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side curtain zij gordijn gardinen 1 14 rc truck tamiya man mercedes volvo scania actros arocs grand king hauler suede www_svlreclame_nl
  • Description

Set of 2 side curtains.
Choose your colour.

Must be glued in place.

Laptop 1/14 with lighting

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laptop computer pc 1 14 scale for use with tamiya wedico or bruder rc truck www_svlreclame_nl
  • Description

Hyper realistic Laptop in scale 1/14.

Choose the colour you want for the lighting.

Fully Handbuilt

Resistor is allready installed in the wiring, LED works with 7 to 12 volt.

We do not offer any support for installation of this item. We expect that you know how to hook up one positive and one negative wire to your power supply.