Ball Point Pen in Scale 1/14

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  • Description

Colour: Black with chrome accents

3D Printed item, handle with care.

CMR Shipping Document in scale 1/14

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  • Description
This CMR Document has 4 pages just like the real document.

Drink cups in scale 1/14


Stirrers in scale 1/14 - COMING SOON

  • Description
Hyper realistic stirrers in scale 1/14. To be used in Tamiya RC Truck interiors.

Thermos Flask in scale 1/14 - COMING SOON

  • Description
This thermos flask has a hyper realistic look, to be used in Tamiya 1/14 RC Truck interiors.

Set of 2 Interior Map Lights in scale 1/14 with working led

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  • Description
Works with 7 to 12 volt
Size: +/- 32 mm high

Working Light

This 1/14 Scale Map Light has a working LED.

Safety Jacket in 1/14 scale, can be used with Tamiya, Wedico or Bruder trucks

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safety jacket 1 14 tamiya bruder wedico scale veiligheidsvest reflective orange www_svlreclame_nl
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Detailed safety jacket in orange or yellow. Has reflective stripes like a real jacket.

Wooden Shoes "Hollandse Klompen" in scale 1/14 Adult sized

SVL-00759 V1-2
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Wooden Shoes "Hollandse Klompen" in scale 1/14 Kids sized

SVL-00760 V1-3
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Set of 3 - NO SMOKING decals in scale 1/14

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  • Description

diameter: 3,5 mm

this set contains 3 decals

High Heels in correct 1/14 scale for Tamiya, Wedico or Bruder Truck (Pumps in schaal van Tamiya)

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  • Description

Specify your desired colour combo. We can make anything you want. If you have a colour that you are not certain of if we can make it please contact us.

Yellow outside colour, dark grey inside.

Red outside colour, light sand inside.

Working Gloves in scale 1/14

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Real opening Fast closers in scale 1/14 - set of 2

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  • Description

for installation drill 2 holes, and glue in place, comes with drill template for easy installation

These closers can be opened just like the real ones, this set gives your truck the ultra realistic look

Video of opening the fasteners