Lexus LS430 1/18 Motor Max replica of my own car.

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I am building this miniature as a replica of my own Lexus LS430.
(This one is in the making, more pictures will be added).

The car is repainted from white metallic to Lexus Black Cherry Pearl.
The headlights are changed to EU spec with white markers instead of white
Chrome is added to the fog lights for a more realistic appearance.
The wheels will be dechromed and repainted to Silver metallic.
Licence plates will be added that are made of reflective vinyl, like the real ones. Chrome strips will be added on the door trim and the bumpers. Logos on the trunk will be made with chrome instead of the silver that was originally on it.
Model is sanded and polished to a mirror finish.

Fully dissasembled.
Sanded and ready for paint.
Colour is sprayed on and several layers of Automotive 2K Clear.
The 1/18 door next to the real car.
Removed the orange from the lens to convert to EU spec headlight.
Adding chrome to the fog lights. Right is with the added chrome, left is without.
The Real car.

Jeep Wrangler 1/18 Sahara Edition

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This Maisto model is resprayed to dark green metallic, rims are changed to correct model and resprayed in black. Interior is handpainted in correct colour scheme.

Dit model van Maisto is overgespoten in donkergroen metallic, de velgen zijn gewijzigd naar een ander model en overgespoten in zwart. Het interieur is overgeschilderd in de correcte kleuren.