DAF 3600 G.S. vd IJssel Tanktransporten

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i am only making 1 truck for myself

As a hobby project i am building the DAF 3600 that my father drove.
My father has past away many years ago, i inherited the love for trucks from him.
I am now in the process of making a 1/14 RC Replica of the truck he used to drive. This DAF was used for the transport of Bitumen. The colours on the truck represent G.S. v.d. IJssel tank transports.
I am fully drawing the cab, interior, chassis, engine and Tanker trailer.
This DAF will have lights and sound and be fully remote controlled. I am reproducing every detail like the truck was back in the day. No detail is missed, even the plastic drink cups, thermos flask, ballpoint etc. that were in the interior will be made to the correct scale. I will be painting the truck and trailer in the correct colour scheme with the official paint colour codes.

The truck i am making as a replica.

The progress so far of making the DAF with 3D Software.

cigarette lighters

turn knob for the glove compartment

window washer nozzles

front sunguard, the final one will be transparent blue

speaker covers

side mirror

battery and battery cover

making the front fender

front grill

making the gauge panel, all buttons can be lighted

the buttons on the right are illuminated green

making the side reflectors, added the correct honey comb pattern like the real ones have

making the correct lenses for the headlights

making the couplings for the fuel lines

The tank cap has a sliding cover just like the real one

The working slide

The brake lever

Made an exact replica of the thermos flask.

made a CMR document and a ballpoint pen

made drinking cups for the flask

made stirrers for the cups

The pin has a functioning bajonet mechanism

Making the working gloves.

The glove storage box can be opened

Functioning fast closers

Making the sleeping bed

Making the underside of the bed, airbrushed with different yellow and brown tones to make a realistic colour pattern.

Interior Map light, located on the B pillar

The working interior light

front hubcap

front fender flexible part

side window opening dials

floormat that was embedded in the carpet on the drivers side

Outside door handle

making the Intercooler, it also has the zigzag fins like the real intercooler

Made the radiator cap, this item is 4 mm wide. The cap also has the text written on it, just like the real one.

Radiator cap is painted in the correct colours.

Opening head light cover plate

Painted the tank in blue, and made the letters white.

Made the Headlight lenses

Bent the lines for the oil cooler

The original colours are mixed.

Made the rear fender and painted the primer

Painted the fender black

Added satin clear coat.

Test fitting the rear fender

Making the chassis rails with the correct bends in them.

Made the rim

Made the rear hub

painted the rear hub

Painted the rear wheel

Painted the storage box

Made the air valve for the wheels
Made the oil dip stick

Working dip stick

Made the letters white
Made the roof
Made the roof panel

Made the ashtreys, these can also open and close.

Made the final steps, these are ready for paint.

Painted the steps in a chrome colour. I did not spray these fully chrome since the steps were not mirror finished.

Made a tiny switch

This switch is activated when the door opens and will turn on the interior lights.

Attached the wheel to the hub with the correct style bolts. The bolts will be painted red later on.

Making the lower grill and headlight plate

Also made the inside of the light plate, the light plate will be functional and can be opened.