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Premium Handmade "Platinum Pack" Tamiya Scania Full Interior Kit - Leather Diamond Stitching with lighting - "Platinum Pack" with Rear Seats and Table 1/14 RC R470 R620 56323 56317

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Handmade "Platinum Pack" interior kit for Tamiya Scania with diamond stitching.
Made of artificial Leather, Suede look and Alcantara look material.

From € 651,75 for € 595,-

Kit contains:
1 - Dashboard with lighting, key, keychain and switch (A,B,C,D,E)
2 - Floormats (3 pieces) (F,G)
3- Seats and seatbelts (H,I,J,K)
4- Curtains, 1 Front, 2 Side (L,M,N)
5- 2 Tweeters for A Pillar (O)
6- Roof Top and Roof Side Panels Left and Right (P,Q)
7- Side Walls Rear (R,S)
8- Panel above Windshield (T,U)
9- Doorpanels Left and Right, Door surround top Left and Right (V,W,X,Y)
10- Floor Piece Front of Cabin (Z,a)
11- Engine Cover (b,c,d)
12- Rear Wall (e,f,g,h,i,j,k)
13- Subwoofer Box with dual speakers and bass reflex ports (show only, not functioning) (l,m)
14- Rised floor (rear of cab) (n,o)
15- Rear Table (p)
16- Rear Side Seats (q,r)
17- Rear Cabinets (s,t,u,v)
18- Laptop (w)
19- CB Radio (x)

Handmade Scania Interior Kit Leather and Alcantara look with diamond stitching

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Handmade interior kit with diamond stitching.
Made of artificial Leather.


Kit contains:
1 - Rear wall with lighting (A,B,C,D)
2 - Sleeping Bed (E,F,G)
3 - Plate above windshield (H,I)
4 - Side Panels (next to bed) (one left, one right) (J,K)
5 - Roof Side Panels (one left, one right) (L,M)
6 - Roof Panel (N,O)
7 - Door Panels (one left, one right) (P,Q,R)
8 - Cabinets, Front and Bottom (S,T,U,V)
9 - Floor cover (W)

We dont have pictures yet of the Doorpanels, Roof Side Panels, Roof Panel and Floor cover. These will come as soon as possible.

Seats and Dashboard not included.

Combo Package Deal - Hyper Realistic Interior set for Tamiya Scania 1/14 RC R470 R620 56323 56317

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From € 178,70 for € 149,95

Upgrade your Scania Interior to a higher level with this complete combo package deal
this set contains:
- 1 new dashboard painted, decals and lighting installed
- 1 realistic key, keychain and ignition switch installed
- 3 floor mats, (left, right and centre)
- 2 new seats, painted and decals installed
- 2 seatbelts, installed on the seats
- 2 realistic tweeters for the A-pillars
- 1 curtain for rear of cabin
- 1 curtain for front and sides

Choose your desired colour combination.

Suede V8 Sleeping Bed, Side Walls and Rear Wall for Tamiya Scania 1/14 RC

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