Accessories for Tamiya Grand or King Hauler in Scale 1/14.

Wooden Shoes "Hollandse Klompen" in scale 1/14 Adult sized

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Wooden Shoes "Hollandse Klompen" in scale 1/14 Kids sized

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Set of 3 - NO SMOKING decals in scale 1/14

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  • Description

diameter: 3,5 mm

this set contains 3 decals

Safety Jacket in 1/14 scale, can be used with Tamiya, Wedico or Bruder trucks

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safety jacket 1 14 tamiya bruder wedico scale veiligheidsvest reflective orange www_svlreclame_nl
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Detailed safety jacket in orange or yellow. Has reflective stripes like a real jacket.

High Heels in correct 1/14 scale for Tamiya, Wedico or Bruder Truck (Pumps in schaal van Tamiya)

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Specify your desired colour combo. We can make anything you want. If you have a colour that you are not certain of if we can make it please contact us.

Yellow outside colour, dark grey inside.

Red outside colour, light sand inside.