Decals for OZ Racing Superturismo Wheels. Customize your rims with these decal kits. Available in any colour.

Spoke Decal set for 4 OZ Racing Superturismo 18 inch Rim Scale 1/1, make your rims two tone with this decal set.

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Set contains spoke decals for 4 wheels.

Note: The wheel itself is silver metallic, shown is a dark grey decal that is installed on the outside face of the rim. Look at the close up picture below to see the effect. These are not logo decals, we do not make these!

Wheels must be degreased properly and free of any damage to get a good bond of the glue.

At the moment only available in 18 inch. For other sizes we need a wheel to take measurements.

Shown in dark grey metallic.

Scale is 1/1 for Real size wheels.

Since wheels are an item that rotate very fast this decal set has no warranty.

There is a small contrast line around the decal. Between the contrast line and the inside decal the paint will show through.