Universal 1/14 interior parts for Tamiya RC Trucks.

Ball Point Pen in Scale 1/14

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  • Description

Colour: Black with chrome accents

3D Printed item, handle with care.

CMR Shipping Document in scale 1/14

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  • Description
This CMR Document has 4 pages just like the real document.

Drink cups in scale 1/14


Stirrers in scale 1/14 - COMING SOON

  • Description
Hyper realistic stirrers in scale 1/14. To be used in Tamiya RC Truck interiors.

Thermos Flask in scale 1/14 - COMING SOON

  • Description
This thermos flask has a hyper realistic look, to be used in Tamiya 1/14 RC Truck interiors.

TV in scale 1/14 for use with Tamiya RC Truck Interior

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  • Description
Realistic TV for use with 1/14 RC Tamiya Truck. Make your truck interior hyper realistic with this part.

Skull Shifter for 1/14 Tamiya RC Truck

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  • Description
Shifter with Skull in scale 1/14 for Tamiya RC Truck.

Shifter with Square knob for 1/14 Tamiya RC Truck

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  • Description
On the knob are 2 selectors. Hi/Low on front and splitter on the side. Total Height +/- 59 mm.

2 Speaker Pods with Suede for Tamiya 1/14 RC Truck *

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  • Description

Height of this pod is 65 mm.
Pod has a scaled version of:
- One 30 cm woofer
- Two 16,5 cm speakers
- One tweeter
- 2 Bass reflex ports. (not shown in this picture, but included in final part)

Upholstered in Suede.

Choose the colour for suede and the cone of the speaker.

Shown colour for Suede is Brown Caramel, and Speaker Cone is Yellow Bright.


Check if you can fit the height of 65 mm in your truck before ordering this part.

Laptop 1/14 with lighting

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laptop computer pc 1 14 scale for use with tamiya wedico or bruder rc truck www_svlreclame_nl
  • Description

Hyper realistic Laptop in scale 1/14.

Choose the colour you want for the lighting.

Fully Handbuilt

Resistor is allready installed in the wiring, LED works with 7 to 12 volt.

We do not offer any support for installation of this item. We expect that you know how to hook up one positive and one negative wire to your power supply.

Realistic Seat Belts Set for Tamiya 1/14 RC Truck

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realistic seatbelts scale 1 14 for tamiya wedico or bruder rc truck interior stoelen interieur www_svlreclame_nl
  • Description

One set of two seat belts.
To use these seats belts it is necessary to open the slot on top of the seat to accept the belt.
The belt has a hyper realistic buckle in mirror chrome and black.

Choose from 22 colours. Yellow is added but not in the picture yet.

CB Radio 27 MC Scale 1/14 with Lighting - 7 to 12 Volt - Version 2

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cb funk 27mc cb radio v2 www_svlreclame_nl_20200617145629
  • Description

Fully Hand built CB Radio, choose the lighting colour you want. Use only on 7 to 12 Volt.

Version 2 of the CB Radio has got a few upgrades, more realistic knobs, raised 3D displays, speaker grill on the bottom of the radio, grill on the microphone, 3D Up and Down buttons on the radio and the microphone, grooves on the side of the radio, SVL logo on top and grooves on the cb radio knob.

Resistor is allready installed in the wiring, LED works with 7 to 12 volt.

We do not offer any support for installation of this item. We expect that you know how to hook up one positive and one negative wire to your power supply.


Extreme detail

Our CB Radio has a very high level of detail. There are even ribs on the knobs, and metal selectors. If you do not know the scale and look at the picture you would think that it is a real CB Radio. This CB Radio takes your interior to the next level

Realistic Microphone

The microphone has a lot of detail on it too. On top there are up and down buttons.

We also offer the microphone with lighting in this new version.
The Lighting Turned ON

Key, Ignition Switch and Keychain Scale 1/14

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  • Description

Steering Column part is not included. You are only buying ignition switch, key and keychain. You can choose the colour of the ring of the ignition switch. Choose from black, Gold or Silver. Drill hole to to accept the ignition switch and glue ring and key in place.

Decoration part only, it is not a functioning ignition switch.

Realistic metal shifter for Grand Hauler, King Hauler, Globe Liner or Knight Hauler (Realistische Versnellingspook) - 56344 56301

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  • Description

Metal Gear Shifter

With Hi-Lo selector and shift pattern on the knob.

easy installation: fit optional round decal on the floor, this decal has a hole that marks where to drill the 3 mm hole. Drill the hole, put the thread through the hole and tighten nut.


This picture shows the optional round decal for the floor. Can be used on a flat surface, but not in combination with a suede or leather floor cover.

Floor part and seats not included.