Fiat Panda Paracentrum de Roos 1/24

  • Beschrijving

This Fiat model is respayed to dark blue metallic, we allso applied lettering and graphics.

Dit model is overgespoten in de donkerblauw metallic, daarna de reclame aangebracht.


Citroën HY Foodtruck

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We painted these HY Foodtrucks and made and installed the graphics.


Citroen HY Gundlach Vis 1/24

  • Beschrijving

Repainted this food truck to Pearl Blue. Made kitchen, counter, electronic payment machine, sandwich, wrapping paper, rear flags and folding side panel from scratch.

Citroen HY LS Chocolade Foodtruck 1/24

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Repainted in Copper metallic and flat black and applied decals.